(2 days)

Cellular telephony is today more important than fixed telephony given the number of users and the volume of calls. Telecommunication carriers such as Bell or Rodgers, also improve cellular networks with new servcices and "Apps" to motivate users. Without these network services, their revenues would be a tricle, given the impact that VoIP has had in international tariffs. The objective of this seminar is to provide an overview of the architecture, protocols and practical functionalities of cellular networks in Canada and around the world.

(1 day)

Today's telecommunication networks are characterized by very high data rates, with a variety of standards that have been developed over the last 50 years. The Telephone Network, Fibre optics, LANs (Local area Networks), WANs (Wide Area Networks), Satellite and the ubiquitous Wireless Networks, with technologies such as WiFi, WiMAX, as well as the ever growing world of Cellular Networks (GSM, CDMA, UNTS, etc). Besides we have a variety of business telecommunications networks such as Mobile Radio Networks. The objective of this seminar is to give a general understanding of how these networks function and a practical perspective on how to make use of them in Canada.

(1 day)

SR&ED work in Canada can be claimed both from the Federal and Provincial governments. Jointly, the claim may amount to 70 % of the eligible expenses such as R&D salaries. DARTEC Inc. experts have been evaluating technical claims for more than 300 Canadian companies since 1985. The purpose of this seminar is to provide you with detaikled information on how you should organize your R&D documentation and testing procedures so that your claim is not rejected by the Canada Revenue Agency.

(1 day)

VoIP is the cornerstone of the new telephony. International calling at $ 0.00 is nowadays the norm. Operators charge for other services. How can you achieve FREE video and audio conferencing ? What are the protocols behind this revolutionary technology. You will get to understant why VoIP is so very important in today's technological world.

(2 days)

Hands-on practice for managers and IT professionals is an essential part of our seminars. The practical labs will allow you to grasp the technology in the shortest time possible.The BROADBAND WIRELESS course will bring to your hands the installation of a Wi-Fi wireless network and will allow you to monitor both the aanlog radio signals as well as the data being transmitted. You will understand the security limitations and the performance limitations of the technology. You will learn to assess the potential benefits of peer technologies such as Wi-Max and 3G


Angel Diez, President and CEO


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